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FAMI™ Technique

FAMI™ –Facial rejuvenation and repair technique developed by Dr.Roger E.Amar is a Non-incisional anti-aging alternative to traditional face-lift surgery.
FAMIis using the same concept than current fat grafting but in a much advanced way.

Video of Long Term FAMI™ Technique Results

Until now, fat grafting has not had good long lasting results. In 1997, Dr Roger Amar arrived at the conclusion that vascularization of the graft was the main problem. He decided to put the graft into the center of most vascularized tissue, the muscle!!

Small quantities of Adipose stem cells are injected into the mimic muscles, to get their oxygen supply, survive and last virtually a lifetime.

FAMI™ for Longevity and Rejuvenation is the first Technique in the world to insert safely stromal vascular fraction of the Fat (SVF) into muscles of Facial Expression! More information »

Dr. Roger Amar

Roger Amar, the founder or the FAMI technique

Dr. Roger Amar in Amar Clinic, Marbella Spain, is a French Plastic surgeon graduated in Paris and Marseille who,in 1997, founded the FAMItechnique for rejuvenation and regenerative medicine thus, replacing old invasive face lifting by non incisional facelift!

Does the idea of a non-surgical face lift seem too good to be true?

Does the idea of a affordable Rejuvenation for all seem too good to be true?

Numerous doctors around the world have attended courses by Dr. Roger Amar in the United States, Europe, and South America, in order to learn how to develop this innovative method. Among his patients, Dr Amar counts a large number of doctors and surgeon’s wife.