Intuition precedes Science

Dr. Roger Amar began developing the injection of adult multi-potent mesenchymal stem cells in muscle envelops as early as 1997.


After a frustrating decade spent performing traditional fat injections, Dr. Amar followed his intuition and decided to begin increasing the use of pre-adipocytes; better known as adult stem cells. These cells proved to be effective in encouraging natural growth and restoring bone surfaces and facial muscles.

The FAMI™ technique is also based on a deep understanding of the facial anatomy. While the procedure is reasonably simple for a patient, it can often prove to be complicated for a surgeon, as it requires a working knowledge of the facial structure, available only through hands-on training with naturally preserved models. For this reason, a qualified FAMI™ surgeon must have proven experience and training alongside Dr. Roger Amar, as well as a deep familiarity with the doctor’s custom-designed FAMI™ instruments. Without this experience, a surgeon cannot be trusted to be able to complete a successful FAMI™ procedure.

As science progresses and public opinion shifts towards an acceptance of the use of adult stem cells for aesthetic procedure purpose, it is likely that we will witness an increase in the use of such cellular grafts for face lifts and blepharoplasties. For now, FAMI™ offers the most effective use of adult stem cells, providing exceptional results for over a decade.

At any age one can benefit from adult stem cells to repair trauma defects, birth deformities or an aged look.