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Since 1997, Dr. Roger AMAR’s FAMI™ technique has provided rare longevity and predictability in rejuvenation procedures through the use of purified adult stem cells, injected into the core of a patient’s muscle.

Dr. Olivier & Roger Amar
Dr. Roger Amar

Standing for Fat Autograft Mucle Injection, the FAMI™ approach represents a dramatic departure from the classical concept of fat injection, which has been the common solution for facial rejuvenation efforts, offering little permanence or predictability.

In 2001 Dr Roger Amar extended his concepts to restoration of Bone surfaces, muscle and fat atrophy and created the new registered FAMI™ technique called Fresh Autologous Mesenchymal Integration.

Using an extensive knowledge of human anatomy and proprietary instruments designed specifically for the procedure, Dr. Amar has perfected the FAMI™ approach through the use of a patient’s own mesenchymal stem cells. Extracted from a patient and purified in a custom-designed centrifuge, these cells are then introduced back into the patient’s body through a deep, cellular graft.

Providing an organic alternative to traditional means of adding needed volume, FAMI™ avoids synthetic fillers in favor of harnessing the healing power of the human body to add volume in a safe, effective and permanent manner.

FAMI™ can be accomplished without the need of a scalpel, rejuvenating all the structures of the face: bone, muscles and skin without any visible scars.

The FAMI™ procedure (A non surgical, scar-less, non-incisional, non-invasive face lift) is performed at the Amar Clinic, on the Costa del Sol, Spain.

FAMI™ helps achieve a youthful, natural look without the invasive use of traditional surgical..

Dr. Roger Amar and Dr. Olivier Amar, will offer consultations each month in the United Kingdom. Next consultation with the 2 surgeons in LONDON Knightsbridge – SW3 1NQ – Phone 0800_ 612 7475 for reservation.

FAMI™ is not a classical fat injection. Rather is uses adults stem cells from fat deposits to encourage organic growth in a safe and predictable way. It is a new, non-invasive alternative to traditional face-lift surgery.

Dr. Amar has spent over a decade perfecting the FAMI™ technique through intensive research and real-world application of the FAMI™ technique, using mesenchymal “stem cells” to spur natural growth and volume.

Areas of proven growth include the facial muscle system, bone surfaces and edges and along the jaw line, tightening the complex network of nerves and vessles that make up the face.