Non Surgical Rejuvenation FAMI

Before the FAMI procedure
3 months after the FAMI

Asymmetrical face in a premature aged face
All asymmetries have been cured and the rejuvenation is obvious

Patient 12 years before first consultation used as a template for the FAMI
Photo sent by the patient before her consultation for a FAMI

Patient at 32 with all her facial youthful contours
notice the asymmetrical facial features, upper/lower leads, nose, cheeks and wrinkles

Eye area before FAMI procedure
Result at 3 months after full face FAMI

Traditionally any plastic surgeon will do a 4 lids blepharoplasty to correct this aging deformity
the upper lids are full and symmetrical, the restoration of the orbital bony contour cured the bags WITHOUT any cutting, only the FAMI injections!

The aged look before FAMI
7 years after the FAMI

the asymmetrical face before FAMI
the happy patient send this photo of her result 7 years after the FAMI technique to show us the permanenence of this succeful outcome.

Before FAMI and 3 years after in frontal view
Profile shows changings of cheek & nose

notice the normal harmonious restoration and the normal smile
The correction of the negative vector and tip of the nose just by restoring 5 muscles and Malar SOOF
(Sub-Orbicularis Oculii fat pad)