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Getting older is an unavoidable fact of life, but also a blessing – with age comes knowledge and experience, bringing with it an appreciation for our lives and the world we live in. Combating the ageing process can be fun, and an excuse to exercise more, drink less, eat healthier and feel great!

Unfortunately, no amount of exercise and healthy eating can completely halt the ageing process when it comes to our faces, and lets ‘face’ it, our faces are the first thing that we look at in the morning, and if staring back at you, you see a person that is ten, twenty, thirty or more years older than you feel inside, it will have a severe effect on your self-esteem, sapping your energy, your zest for life, and in many cases lead to depression.

If you are one of the many thousands of people who look in the mirror every single day and are less than happy with what they see, don’t worry – you are not alone! Every year millions of people who want to improve their facial appearance visit a cosmetic specialist.

But what to choose – a surgical face lift or a less invasive non surgical procedure? Is there really a non-invasive face lift that really works and, what’s more, is permanent?

There are many different methods of facial rejuvenation, from anti-aging creams, vitamins, moisturizers to more radical procedures such as Botox, Thermage, collagen injections and dermal fillers.

All these methods provide a certain level of “rejuvenation” but are only temporary and will need re-touching in the future and can be costly to keep up.

Until now the only alternative to temporary rejuvenation has been the more permanent open surgical face lift, but with this method of lifting comes a whole host of potential problems, like scarring, nerve damage, numbness, infections, asymmetry along with the weeks of swelling, bruising and pain.

If it sounds scarey, that’s because it is!

Before you decide to stick with the face you have got, no matter how old you look, rather than go through torture, there is another option: Now there is a PERMANENT solution to facial ageing that is totally non-surgical and non-invasive!

FAMI Non Surgical Face Lift In Marbella Spain

FAMI facial rejuvenation developed by Dr. Roger E. Amar is a non-incision anti-aging alternative to traditional face-lift surgery. Dr. Amar, the founder of the incredible FAMI™ technique that provides the world’s only non-surgical, injectable face lift, achieves a completely natural looking rejuvenation using your own stem cells to create new tissue to repair your cells.

The non-invasive face lift rejuvenation obtained with FAMI contrasts with the "mask look" often associated with invasive procedures such as face-lifting, brow lift, blepharoplasty (eye lift) or extensive use of Botox or other artificial fillers.

Restoring the contour, shape and function of the facial muscles by injecting them with your own stem cells, the FAMI™ procedure transforms the face back to its former youthful glory with smooth wrinkle free skin and a glowing naturally lifted appearance.

Downtime is minimal, from 2 or 3 days for men to one week for women over 60. No re-touching is needed as this is a permanent solution with your own stem cells rejuvenating the muscles, bone, tissue and skin.

FAMI gives long lasting successful and symmetrical results. The rejuvenation process doesn’t stop since the transplanted adult stem cells keep their properties.

In layman’s terms, the restoration lasts virtually indefinitely, which means that you will actually continue looking younger year after year.

With Fami, you can look as great on the outside as you feel on the inside!

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