FAMI™ Technique » Introduction

FAMI™ Fat (Stem Cells) autograft muscle injection.

FAMI technique

FAMI™ is a non-surgical face lift using our own stem cells to create new tissues and repair our cells. Injectable fillers, such as Hyaluronic Acid or Botox™, are commonly used for short-term results while FAMI™ gives a long term solution.

Also known as the AMAR Technique, FAMI™ technique is explained in detail in Dr Roger Amar Website, including Dr. Amar’s progressive work and achievements with stem cell rejuvenation.

Be aware that there is only a handful of surgeons qualified and adequately trained to perform the technique known as FAMI™. If they have not undergone direct hands-on training under Dr. Roger Amar supervision for the right use of the instrumentation, they will not be prepared to perform the FAMI™ technique.