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Dr. D. H.P. Dermatologist.

Dear Dr. Amar, Thank-you so much for you expertiese on female beauty.

I am grateful to have been the recipient of your invaluable knowledge and talent.


Dear Sylvia, I hope you are keeping well,

I am sure you would like to know how things have developed following my last visit with Dr. Amar in London early on in the summer.

I have enclosed a few photos for your perusal. Also I have been abroad visiting some friends and met a number of people who did not know me previously and they had difficulty believing that I was the same age as my friend. They thought I was in my early 40s !!! So that is a great success for me and of course I know Dr. Amar will be very pleased. My recovery was slow and still sometimes , (though rarely), I do have a little oedema. I have found ways to minimise this and I am in great health also, so I am alltogether very happy with the result. I do have a little bulbous bump on the left side of my nose, if you think you can do anything to miminize this I will look at that in the New Year, otherwise I will leave it alone.

My daughter is getting married in June 2012 so I am very happy that I did this last year as I have had lots of time to recover and I can now look forward to looking great on the big day.


At 46, I was looking hard and severe, which is the opposite of my personality, to say the least! I even lost my dimple; it became just another crease in my face. Dr. Amar’s FAMI work made quite a difference. (I was even carded a few weeks ago when I was buying wine.) My dimple is back, too.