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Dr Roger Amar, a French Plastic surgeon, is the founder of the FAMI™ technique for rejuvenation and for repair of bone and muscle defects.

The AMAR technique has helped patients with birth defects and deformities due to trauma or removal surgeries.

Many doctors from around the world came to learn how to develop this technique with the help of Roger Amar.

The FAMI Charitable Foundation is a non-profit association of medical professionals dedicated to exploring the full potential of mesenchymal Stem Cells and how they can be used to offer restorative and regenerative surgical procedures to those most in need.

Anchored by the research and expertise of Dr. Roger E. Amar, the Foundation aims to expand on decades of study and experimentation in an effort to explore the full regenerative potential of adult stem cells.

Having explored the possibilities of these regenerative cells on the human body for mainly cosmetic purposes, Dr. Amar and the Foundation are now turning their attention to discovering how they may best be used to provide care to patients with genetic or accident-related physical deformities.

Using a comprehensive plan of research, education and care, the FAMI Foundation will strive to realize the full capabilities of these stem cells, offering their findings to those patients in the most need as well as those medical professionals who wish to expand their own area of expertise and provide treatments themselves.

What is FAMI?

Developed over decades of research and study, FAMI, or Facial Autograft Muscle Injection, is an advanced technique for facial reconstruction and reshaping using a patient’s own adult stem cells.

Dr. Roger Amar has been developing the FAMI since 1997, using his deep and refined knowledge of the facial anatomy. His intense dedication to the process has led him to further develop his technique to provide great precision and fantastic, natural facial rejuvenation and reconstruction results.

The FAMI technique is an innovative approach to restoring some of the underlying defects that are responsible for the appearance of aging. It rejuvenates the face by implanting the patient’s own adult mesenchymal stem cells into the muscle or beneath the periostium, the thin layer that envelopes the bone and spurs growth; thus, restoring the facial structure to a more youthful and natural state.

How can FAMI help those in need?

Having explored the healing potential of adult stem cells for cosmetic purposes, Dr. Amar soon realized that the same approach could be applied to patients suffering from physical deformities, including those evident since birth and those associated with accidents.

Dr. Amar and his colleagues established the Foundation to explore the full potential of the adult stem cells and how they may be used to restore bone, muscle or fat where needed or to add volume and shape to areas of the body affected by medical conditions or scared by injuries.

The Foundation is intended to help Dr. Amar and his colleagues provide this technique to those patients unable to procure the surgery on their own. By funding further research and study, the Foundation will also work towards expanding the base of medical professionals who are capable of performing this intricate technique.