Our Mission

The FAMITM Charitable Foundation’s Projects fall into three scheduled components. They are listed as follows:


The first and most important component of the Foundation’s plan of action addresses those patients who might benefit from a FAMI, to help correct facial deformities arising at birth or resulting from accidents or medical malpractice, but who may not be able to afford the procedure.

The Foundation will work to recognize those patients who will most benefit from the application of the FAMI procedure, using their own adult stem cells to spur organic growth in areas where disease, defects or accidents may have taken an unfortunate aesthetic toll.

Using the revolutionary approach to volume creation, the Foundation will help these patients reverse or erase their individual affliction, restoring a sense of normalcy in their lives and most importantly, a sense of dignity.

This effort will include using the Foundation’s financial resources to finance the medical costs for those who qualify according to their financial needs and to expand the number of certified medical professionals who are able to provide FAMI to those in need.

In addition to covering the medical costs associated with the FAMI procedure, the Foundation will also work to provide access to a certified medical professional to provide the procedure without the usual fee. Certified medical professionals may also appeal to the Foundation on behalf of patients in need who approach them directly.

Patients who believe they may qualify for financial support can apply to the Foundation through a simple application process, analyzing their individual case, unique needs and financial limitations.

This component of the Foundation’s goal will require 30 percent of its annual operating budget, though efforts will contribute to the expansion and improvement of this effort, expanding the quality and quantity of restorative care.


The second and most costly component of the FAMI Foundation’s overall goals will address the deficiency of comprehensive research into the capabilities of Mesenchymal Stem Cells, the basis for the FAMITM procedure.

While the Foundation recognizes the clear benefits and current uses of Mesenchymal Stem Cells for both restorative and rejuvenation procedures, it also believes that these building blocks offer far more potential than what is currently known and understood.

For this reason, the Foundation has outlined a plan that will include the establishment of a fully equipped and expertly staffed facility to pursue a lengthy schedule of research and experimentation in an effort to fully explore the healing potential of Mesenchymal Stem Cells.

According to the Foundation’s current calendar of goals, this schedule will address the following fields of study:

–    Related to Mesenchymal Stem Cells Found in Mice
o    The optimization of culture conditions for in vitro mouse MSC expansion
o    Explore methods of isolating and enriching MSCs from compact bone
o    Address tissue culture protocols (basic MSC culture techniques)
o    In a laboratory setting, establish set-up of mouse MSC cultures with primary mouse compact bone and bone marrow-derived cells
o    Identification and enumeration of mouse compact bone and bone marrow-derived cells
o    Analysis of adipogenic, osteogenic and chondrogenic differentiation cultures
–       Related to Mesenchymal Stem Cells Found in Humans
o    Explore culture methods and heterogeneity of human subpopulations
o    Enrichment methods for human MSCs
o    Characteristics of MSCs cultured in serum and animal component free (ACF) medium
o    In a laboratory setting, conduct microscopic evaluation of MSC cultures
o    Subculture/passaging MSCs (with cell viability, fold expansion and optimal plating density calculations)
o    Staining and enumerations of CFU-F
o    Staining cells for phenotype analysis by flow cytometry

The funding required for this stage in the development of the FAMI Foundation would ultimately require the greatest amount of preperation and funding; an undertaking that would amount to 60 percent of the total operating budget.

This facility would also require additional funding in subsequent years to further expand on the MSC research and analysis, strengthening the Foundation’s scientific structure and expanding the effectiveness and potential of the procedures offered to those patients in need.



The third and final component of the FAMITM Charitable Foundation’s overall operational goal will focus on the continued support of education and certification efforts directly related to the FAMITM procedure. This component will help ensure a larger base of surgeons and dermatologists who are capable of performing the procedure for those patients in need.

The certification process will be required of all medical professionals who wish to become a part of the FAMITM medical board, joining others who wish to provide a public service to patients suffering from physical deformities derived from genetic conditions, from injury or from medical malpractice, but are not able to afford it.

Certified medical professionals will be recognized by the Foundation only after completing a three-stage training and research regimen, working closely in a surgical setting with the innovator of the FAMITM technique, Dr. Roger E. Amar.

Once they have completed the certification process, they will be recognized by the Foundation and given the opportunity to join an ever-larger collection of medical professionals willing to waive their traditional fees to help patients in need.

A comprehensive outline of the three stages of the certification process can be found in the Reference section of this publication.

This component will require ten percent of the operating budget.