Non Surgical Face Lift Marbella

Just imagine being able to use your own stem cells to regenerate your skin and rejuvenate your appearance, making you look and feel decades younger. Imagine having a one-off cosmetic procedure that keeps giving you amazing results – year after year. Just think how great it would be to have all of the benefits of a facelift – without the surgery and scarring that is symptomatic with such a procedure.

The beauty of FAMI is that you are literally benefiting from the rejuvenating effects of your own stem cells. Without doubt you will have heard many encouraging things about stem cell research, but when one uses one’s owns stem cells in a procedure, the benefits are 100% positive and nothing less than astonishing.

Dr. Roger Amar is one of the most respected cosmetic surgeons working in the world today, with many years experience in the field of reconstructive surgery. In 1997, Dr Amar made a scientific breakthrough that was to have a profound effect on the never-ending battle against the aging process. This breakthrough occurred during a complex procedure that involved applying a patient’s own purified body fat to seal a hole in her forehead that had been left following the removal of a benign tumor.

When Dr. Amar examined his patient several weeks later, he was amazed to discover that bone had begun to form within the fat! Within three months, the hole had disappeared, leading Dr Amar to come to the only conclusion medically possible – that there were highly potent stem cells living within the body fat of a person, and that when these stem cells could be impregnated back into an area of the body that needed rejuvenation – the results would be nothing less than miraculous.

Dr Amar set to work on a method of separating the stem cells from the fat of an individual, and developed a system that employed centrifugal force to achieve his goals. Once he had liberated the stem cells from the hosting fat, he could apply them to any area of the donor’s anatomy that needed rejuvenation, including bone, muscle and skin.

FAMI Non Surgical Face Lift Marbella

It didn’t take long for Dr Amar, a highly skilled cosmetic surgeon in his own right, with successful practices in both Europe (including his famous Marbella clinic) and the United States, to begin experimenting on faces, using his newly discovered system, which he had by now called FAMI, in place of a host of traditional procedures such as eye lifting, brow lift, Botox and wrinkle fillers.

The results were a spectacular success and Dr. Amar was left with one question; Could he use the principles of FAMI to perform a full, non surgical facelift, and achieve the same incredible results, this time in the most complex of all cosmetic procedures? A good face lift can take decades off the appearance of the patient, resulting in a huge boost in self confidence and a resulting massive increase of quality of life. Many women (and men) regard the face lift as the Holy Grail of all cosmetic procedures and expect miraculous results.

Dr. Amar soon discovered that using FAMI in place of the antiquated system of scalpel-based surgery guaranteed the patient incredible results with no scarring, results that amazingly keep improving month after month, year after year.

When you receive a non-surgical facelift based on the FAMI techniques perfected by Dr. Amar you are getting the benefit of a cosmetic surgery genius with many years of experience who’s scientific breakthrough back in 1997 has rendered conventional cosmetic surgery techniques obsolete!

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