Non Surgical Face Lift

Dr. Olivier & Roger Amar
Dr. Roger Amar

Cosmetic surgery is changing a lot, during the last few years, many new procedures were invented, some of them became very popular and sometimes different names were given to similar procedures…

There is a great confusion between aesthetic medicine and plastic surgery, many times the public does not make any difference between them..


Aesthetic medicine include non invasive procedures that can be done by a qualified doctor trained for these techniques, but does not have to be a surgeon.

The average time of the procedure would be 15 to 60 minutes, and there is absolutely no down time, the patient can go back to his normal life the same day of the treatment.

It includes procedures such as BOTOX, fillers ( Restylane Scupltra…) , hyaluronic acid products mainly. These rejuvenation procedures are generally called ¨liquid face lift¨.
The main advantage is lower price for a significant result; but this result would last only a few months (around 3 to 9 months) and the treatment has to be redone.

But recently, some skepticism towards botox has been observed, many celebrities are against Botox, and want procedures providing more naturalism.

The case of Nicole Kidman and her excessive use of Botox has been often shown in magazines. Kate Winslet (33) and Emma Thomson(50) want a natural expression and they both express in many magazines their war against this substance that paralyze the muscles.

Raquel Weisz (38), declared in Harper’s Bazaar UK that ” As Steroids are forbidden for sport competition, Botox should be forbidden for actors “.

To be an actor is to be expressive , why should we get rid of our expression wrinkles?

Kate Blanchett (39) and Sarah Jessica Parker (43) also gave publicly anti-Botox arguments .

Jennifer Aniston said that ” I tried it once and I hated it, it was like wearing a wig”

However, there is a rejuvenation procedure, quite different in the concept, to other procedures , that completely respect the natural expression, and rejuvenate improving it .

This technique is the FAMI non surgical face lift.


Plastic surgery is completely different. It includes procedures done under local or general anesthesia, done only by qualified plastic surgeons.

The advantage is that the results are lasting virtually indefinitely.

These procedures include nose reshaping, breast surgeries, facial rejuvenation from face lift to less invasive procedures such as fat grafting and/or non surgical face lift.

It has to be done in specific conditions, like operating room, with anesthesiologist… there is always a period of down time that has to be respected…

So it is very important to understand the difference between aesthetic medicine and plastic surgery…

In terms of rejuvenation procedures, in the category “plastic surgery”, we can identify

– surgical procedures : the traditional face lift and blepharoplasty

– a relatively new kind of rejuvenation procedures, based on the use of our own stem cells from fat developed by Dr Roger AMAR called FAMI.

Before and After Non Surgical Face Lift

FAMI Non Surgical Face Lift

This technique is a non surgical face lift and its specificity consists of an anatomical graft of one’s own adult stem cells from fat, to rebuilt facial bone surfaces and muscles of the facial expression.

This Fat grafting technique, in Dr Amar’s practice, has to be done using 20 specific cannulas he designed to follow the exact direction of the muscles, in order to realize the treatment with the best possible results. The FAMI face lift shows very effective and natural results, and is considered as the most advanced and efficient non surgical face lift procedure.

The history of the FAMI STEM CELLS FAT GRAFTING technique is very peculiar as, Dr Amar discovered the regenerative effect of the fat stem cells before the existence of these adult stem cells were found in fat tissues, in 2001, by Patricia Zuk from UCLA.

Dr AMAR, since 1995,is using injections of fat cells and actually designed the anatomical cannulae in 1997, introducing the FAMI non surgical face lift.

In 1997, injecting centrifuge fat in a hole of a frontal bone , he obtained as result something that appeared to be bone, _ he obtained bone by injecting centrifuged fat in a frontal bone !!! And that was in 1997, much before the discovery of the stem cells in fat.

During the same period, he used The FAMI fat grafting for rejuvenation purposes, in order to rebuilt volumes of the face, and also had some very good surprises, such as important improvement in the quality of the skin, as ages spots disappeared…

These improvements were due to the existing stem cells in the fat, stem cells that were to be discovered a few years later… in 2002

FAMI stands for Facial Autograft Muscle Injection.

This non surgical face lift technique consists of an autograft of adult stem cells from fat in order to rebuilt muscles and bones.


To understand the FAMI face lift , one must know the process of aging .

We would like to explain the reasons why the expression of a twenty years old face is always smoother and more harmonious than the same face at forty (for example:a mother and her daughter).

In a young face, the gaze is soft and deep,the smile is serene and the cheekbones are bulging.

With ageing,the gaze becomes hard,the eyes seem rounder (protruding eyes) and the nose is more prominent. The smile reveals more of the gums (gummy smile), the lips are thinner and the cheekbones are less bulging.

Withe ageing, the youthful contours are transformed with sharper angles.


By restoring the contours of the face , the FAMI fat grafting procedure recreates the harmonious lines and eliminates the hard expression of the face.

The FAMI non surgical face lift makes the gaze deeper. The forehead is strengthened, the nose appears smaller, the cheekbones reflect the light more and the lips become fleshy once again.

Thanks to FAMI non surgical face lift, the whole face regains its harmonious proportions.

The FAMI restoration of the orbicular muscle makes the blepharoplasty unnecessary in many cases.

FAMI fat grafting also improves the results of a surgical face lift.

Question to Dr Roger Amar , creator of the FAMI non surgical face lift.

What is the future of the FAMI non surgical face lift?

The use of adult stem cells in the near future will extend indefinitely the indications of this procedure from the face and hands now to the rest of the body.