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Treatment Abroad Guidelines for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery procedures

For the AMAR CLINIC located in Marbella Spain follows the rules and recommendations of the International Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ISAPS).

  1. Plastic surgery care either inbound or outbound must be voluntary.
  2. A complete consultation including physical examination, alternatives to treatment, risk assessment, potential complications, must be provided by the surgical team prior to actual treatment and preferably prior to travel for ultimate surgery.
  3. Financial incentives for either inbound or outbound plastic surgery care should not influence or limit the diagnostic and therapeutic alternatives offered to patients or in any way restrict treatment or referral options.
  4. The AMAR CLINIC will advise patients of all fees prior to travel.
  5. The AMAR CLINIC has the accreditation of their facilities.
  6. For the patients of the AMAR CLINIC there are not staff language barriers during the pre- and post-operative periods.
  7. Patients are entitled to ask for full disclosure of the treating physician as well as staff credentials prior to travel.
  8. Follow up care in the patient’s home town is a critical element of any medical tourism decision. Prior to travel, local follow-up care facilities and consulting physicians will be determined and coordinated with clear discussion, understanding and acceptance of all fees.
  9. In the event of a complication, clear written information will be provided to the patient prior to treatment including the responsibilities of all parties.
  10. Prior to any commitment to travel for surgery, patients should be made aware of the significant variations in physician responsibilities and liability coverage for adverse events in other countries. In addition, in the event of medical errors, patients should know in advance what their recourse options are under a different country’s legal system.
  11. Physician licensing and procedural outcomes data as well as facility accreditation and its outcomes data should be provided to all patients both inbound and outbound, prior to departure.
  12. The transfer of patient medical records to and from facilities outside the US should be consistent with HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) guidelines and provided by the overseas physician in the spoken language of the patient’s country of origin.
  13. Patients choosing to travel for their plastic surgery care should be provided with detailed information about the potential risks of combining surgical procedures with long airplane flights.

Recommendations for how long the patient should remain in the country where the operation is performed should be established and confirmed in advance, and appropriate arrangements made for an extended stay.