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“Marbella Aesthetic Clinic” and “The AMAR Clinic” are the same. Marbella Aesthetic Clinic has been known by that name for many years, but because of Dr Roger Amar and his pioneering surgery techniques, we are now being referred to as “The Amar Clinic”.


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Consultations are in “The AMAR Clinic” in Marbella and available in London’s Harley Street.

Our Marbella cosmetic surgery center offers treatment abroad here in Spain. The Amar Clinic on the Costa del Sol offers a unique treatment called FAMI. Dr Roger Amar is the Founder of the FAMI (Fat Auto-grafting Muscle injection) technique, which consists of stem cell fat grafting which will create a face-lift without the scalpel. It’s a simplistic way to describe pan facial restoration from bone to the skin, the surgery is a non invasive face lift, as there are no scars, the FAMI method uses your own stem cells to repair age damage or other facial deformities.

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Dr Pilar Gualda at the Amar Clinic is using Cosmetic fillers, Botox, Acid peel, Vitamins with Mesotherapy treatments that can last 6 to 18 months, they are a quick fix, non invasive and therefore you can be in and out in an hour ( Fat Injection, Botox, New Fill, Restylane, Acid Peels).

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