Fat lot of good

Going under the knife has became so passé now that surgeons are using
patients’ own fat cells to smooth out their wrinkles

Cold the fat cells from your hips ward off future wrinkles on your face? It’s no fantasy, but a reality in la-la land. For eyes now, plastic surgeons have injected patients’ fat (from tummy and hips) into their faces to achieve that youthful appearance, but results tend to be temporary as the fat drifts and is reabsorbed, making repeat procedures necessary. Now, Hollywoodites can make sure that their youthful look stays put, thanks to a technique called FAMI™ (Facial Autologous Mucle Injection). Fat containing the patient’s own stem cells (brand new cells that can regenerate any mesenchymal tissue) is harvested and injected into the face, not only giving a youthful appearance, but also possibly rebuilding the muscle, so staving off the sings of ageing. Developed by French plastic surgeon Dr.Roger Amar, FAMI™ has now been taught to over 200 US surgeons, some of whom are already practising in New York. Dr Roger Amar and his son Dr Olivier Amar are practising in London UK. (visit www.londonfamiclinic.com)

Lidia Santos and Daniel Rivero, have chosen the renowned Amar Clinic

Lidia Santos and Daniel RiveroNumerous of the most popular Miss Espana have held the crown of Miss Malaga since 1967, when Paquita Torres Pérez became Miss Europe. In 1974, Amparo Muñoz Quesada was first to obtain the crown of Miss Universe. The beautiful actress Remedios Cervantes was Miss España 1986 and Spanish top model Elisabeth Reyes had been Miss Málaga and became Miss España 2006.

It seems like Amar Clinic in Marbella is the first choice of our “Miss Malaga” pageants for indulging in various beauty treatments in order to relax, while preparing for the stressful “Miss Espana” competition.

As her predecessor Belinda Gutierrez Miss Malaga 2010, Lidia Santos Miss Malaga 2011 and her homolog Mister Malaga 2011 Daniel Rivero, have chosen the renowned Amar Clinic in Marbella to keep their radiant skin at its best. Spa skin care is not just for women anymore. These days more and more men are seeking out spa treatments. Amar Clinic wishes good luck to our pageants.

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Why FAMI™ is very different from fat grafting

Traditional Fat Injection Vs FAMI™ Technique?

Realself Dr Roger AmarHow is FAMI (Fat Autograft Muscle Injection) different?

Dr. Roger Amar answers the question “How is FAMI™(Fat autograft Muscle Injection) different?” In Realsef Website:
FAMI™ technique is not what is called” fat grafting” since FAMI™ technique is indeed based on the destruction of the fat in order to isolate the stem cells or what we call now, the stromal vascular fraction of the fat (SVF) and inject them deep into the facial muscles and under the periosteum. In order to survive with good oxygenation, the stem cells need to be injected in a much vascularized environment, which are undeniably the muscles. FAMI™ stands for Fat autografting muscle injection or more precisely Fresh autologous mesenchymal integration when we talk about stem cells. The FAMI™ technique speaks for itself with 14 years of successful proven results by experts all around the world, including US, who rely on high knowledge in facial anatomy and the use of a specific patented instrumentation
Click on full answer to view Traditional Fat Injection Vs FAMI Technique?” in Realself Website.


Age of Experience


Roger Amar, MD, a French plastic surgeon, claims to be able to isolate a patient’s stem cells from fat and use them to add bulk by regenerating bone structure. “After age 35, on average, women lose bone surface,” Roger Amar says. “Its millimetres, but listen carefully:

If you lose one millimetre of cheekbone, that’s the beginning of a wrinkle.” To fill a tear trough under the eye, for example, Amar injects the stem cells beneath the periosteum (the layer of connective tissue that covers bone) next to the orbital rim. Amar believes fat’s stem cells not only stimulate new bone growth but stop regenerating when they’ve done the job.

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Winner of a new Nose

Rhynoplasty Nose

Dr Roger Amar of the Amar Clinic in Marbella explains to Cosmetic Surgery & Aesthetics Magazine his innovative approach to rhinoplasty

Cosmetic surgery to the nose is a very popular procedure that can make profound differences, not only in the balance of facial features, but also to a person’s self-esteem.

Rhinoplasty either modifies the appearance of the nose (partially or totally) or is aimed at correcting possible problems of nasal breathing or is undergone to achieve both of these outcomes. The defects that are corrected can either be of congenital origin, due to a trauma or due to changes that occur as a result of ageing. Patients who are interested

Rhinoplasty patients usually have a definite idea as to how they would like to improve or refine the shape of their nose.

In rhinoplasty usually have a definite idea as to how they would like to improve or refine the shape of their nose. Often they don’t like the ´nasal hump´ on the bridge, the thickness of the nasal tip or the width of their nose.

The nasal septum (the structure that separates the two nostrils inside the nose) is composed of cartilage and bone; it may become deviated, either through the trauma of birth, or as the result of an accidental injury. This deviation may alter the pattern of air flow through the nose, making it difficult to breathe. In addition, the nose may appear crooked with a ´hump´

Reduction of the ´nasal hump´refinement of the nasal tip, narrowing of the width and straightening of the nose are combined into one procedure. In order to eliminate visible scarring, the nasal surgery is done through the eyelids and from within the nostrils. The goal is to achieve a more natural appearance, within the nostrils. The goal is to achieve a more natural appearance ¡, without a ´turned up or artificial look.

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  • FAMI™- the new, all-natural scarless rejuvenation technique by Dr Amar.Facial Autograft Muscle Injection treats the real causes of ageing in the most natural way. It is non-invasive procedure that significantly rejuvenates the sings of ageing.
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Immediate and long lasting effect – autologous fat transplant – FAMI by Dr. Roger Amar

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Fill and give volume – to skin, cheeks and lips …: It works best for the face”, says Dr. Roger Amar, creator of the FAMI technique.



Forever Young

forever young

Cosmetic Surgery Magazine uk investigates FAMI™, an injection procedure which can rejuvenate the face using the patient’s own tissues

Since its creation more than a decade ago, FAMI™ has transformed the way physicians and patients approach non-invasive facial rejuvenation by offering a unique alternative to the traditional facelift or blepharoplasty, without scars, general anaesthesia or even a scalpel.

The ageing process

Why is the expression of a twenty years old face always smoother and more harmonious than the same face at forty?

In a young face, the gaze is soft and deep, the smile is serene, and the cheekbones are plump. With ageing, the gaze becomes hard, the eyes seem rounder (protruding eyes),

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Cosmetic Surgery & Aesthetics Magazine interviews top cosmetic doctor

Roger Amar Interview

Cosmetic Surgery & Aesthetics Magazine interviews top cosmetic doctor and founder of the FAMI procedure Dr Roger Amar

What inspired you to pioneer the FAMI™ technique?

After more than 20 years practicing my speciality of plastic and reconstructive surgery in France in the early nineties I was looking for the perfect filler to treat any negative side-effects resulting in facelifts and blepharoplasties. These operations, even in the best hands, can result in imperfections that need to be treated.

The perfect filler was found in autologous tissues, the fat transfer would have poor results; lumps, unpredictability in effect and how long it would last.

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THE Quest for youth and beauty FAMI™

Fat Grafting FAMI™

We investigate how a revolutionary injection procedure of adipose adult stem cells can provide a viable alternative to invasive surgery.

Scared of going under the knife´? For many patients it is the thought of undergoing invasive surgery that is holding them back from tackling any worries about their appearance, but now there is an alternative.

Since its creation more than a decade ago, FAMI™ has transformed the way physicians and patients approach non invasive facial rejuvenation by offering a unique alternative to the traditional facelift or blepharoplasty without scars, general anaesthesia or even a scalpel.

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